You Can Have Your Dream Wedding Dress


Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest choices you have to make when it comes to your wedding. There are so many factors to consider, your idea of your dream wedding dress, what suits you, the time of year you’re getting married, the location of your wedding and budget to name a few.
There are so many different designers and styles on the market today that it’s no wonder it takes a bride to be so long to come to a decision. Whilst shopping around and choosing your wedding dress is an exciting and fun experience it can also become a little over whelming, especially if there is more than one that you like the look of.
What happens if you have found your dream dress, the one you have dreamt of since you were 4 years old, teetering around in your mums best high heels dressed as a princess, and the price tag is out of your budget? Then what?! There is nothing more disheartening than finding ‘The One’ just to find out that you can’t have it. OK so you could cut back on other aspects of your wedding budget, source cheaper wedding invites, get the ‘other’ wedding cake that was on your list or go without that gorgeous bridal tiara you had your eye on. BUT…. There really is no need to do any of those things. With a bit of research and planning you CAN have your dream wedding dress and still go for everything else you want for your wedding. Yes really… you can!!
In my opinion this is where the fun starts. Before jumping online and overloading your eyes and brain with an array of images of stunning dresses you will need to venture outside and go wedding dress hunting. No doubt you will be bursting with excitement at the thought of trying on endless gorgeous dresses but before you consider anything else, you need to know which type of gown will suit you and flatter your figure. You may have a style in mind that you think will suit you perfectly, but when it actually comes to trying on the dress in that style the reality can be very different. I know some of you will be a stickler for sticking to trying on the style of dress you have in mind and that you think will suit you best, but you’ve nothing to loose by trying on other styles or even something you wouldn’t normally go for. You never know you might be surprised!! Try to remember some key factors: If you’re a buxom lass you will need more support so a design with a boned corset will make the best of your assets. If you have a slim frame then you can pull off a wedding dress that has an A line skirt and if you’re petite try to stay clear of ball gown style wedding dresses, the skirts on this style of dress are very full and can engulf you, you’ll end up lost under all the layers.
Once you have found a style that suits you and your gorgeous figure you can really trawl the shops. Don’t be put off by the store assistants trying to sell you a dress there and then. Most will be pretty relaxed and are used to brides to be popping in for a nose around. Explain that you are getting an idea of what is available and they will be more than happy to assist you in and out of all those lovely frocks. OK so this might sound lame to you guys, but take a pen and paper so you can make a note of the dresses that have caught your eye, who has designed them and the names of the dresses. If you’re not comfy with taking such notes designate the job to your maid of honour or if your mum has tagged along I’m sure she would be thrilled to help keep a record. Remember to take note of the style, designers name, name of the bridal dress itself and the sizes you try on.
Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need for your perfect wedding dress you can go back to the comfort of your sofa to continue your search.
There are many online stores that offer discounts on all the well known wedding dress designers. Which one you choose will mostly be your preference; however there are some things to look out for. Make sure they are dispatching from the UK unless you’re willing to wait longer for delivery from another country. This is also likely to incur extra postage charges. Do they offer FREE postage and packaging? Dispatch times. Are there any extra charges, colours and sizes on offer etc?
After you have searched the internet high and low for your perfect wedding dress and decided where to buy and clicked on the all important ‘BUY IT NOW’ button all you have to do is wait. Wait with baited breath for it to be delivered. There is no doubt you will try on your beautiful wedding dress as soon as you have received your delivery and have closed the door. You’ll hardly be able to contain your excitement. Remember when trying on your stunning new dress that it may not fit perfectly. If you need some adjustments don’t fret, this is easy to rectify. There will be a local dress maker or seamstress that will be able to alter the dress to fit you perfectly or the website that you bought your dress from may offer dress alteration at an extra cost.
So there you have it… how to have your dream wedding dress without breaking the bank!!

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