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    Hair Extensions Care Tips

    Many celebrities choose https://www.violahairextensions.co.uk/ microlink hair extension which is such a convenient and painless procedure to have. There are no glues, bond or stitching involved. And the very good news is that you needn’t be a famous celebrity to relish the benefits of microlink hair extensions. Microlink hair extension can modify your short and lifeless hair to some long and free flowing hair instantly. There is no need to have to wait for time for your natural hair to build.

    In microlink hair extensions, generally known as micro rings or micro loop hair extensions, strands of hair are connected to your natural hair and so are joined by a plastic ring, closed flat and tightly therefore, the strands won’t slip off. They are concealed among your natural hair simply put friends won’t notice it, if you don’t tell them your secret.

    It feels great to seem gorgeous using your beautiful hair. As towards the confidence it brings, you’ll definitely feel that the amount of money you have invested into it is worth it. It is also vital that you invest the required time and effort for your extensions’ aftercare.


    It is better that the initial shampoo just after the extension procedure should be carried out by your hairstylist or one of his/her staff. This is because also, they are trained in your process of donning the extension, but additionally in aftercare service. As they shampoo, they have to also educate you on the correct technique in washing and brushing those extensions

    You can ask your stylist in regards to what brand of shampoo suits your extension type. This is important as you cannot assume all shampoos are best for hair extensions. Shampoos using a pH of 7.0, natural extracts and AHA usually are recommended. The shampoo’s role is always to clean and revitalize the scalp, hair and extensions. Be gentle since you would not want the rings to go away from your microlink hair extensions while shampooing!.

    Remove any tangles before wetting nice hair. Dirt, grime and sweat which can be accumulated on the busy day can cause nice hair to tangle. Gentle brushing works well for removing these. When all is smooth, slowly wet the hair. With an top to bottom motion, apply hair extension shampoo through the roots to your tips. Don’t make any circular motion massage. Rinse well and rinse plenty. Apply conditioner employing the same motion, down and up. Pat dry together with the towel, and not rub.

    Remember that heat can damage flowing hair extensions. Avoid washing the hair with warm water and drying it which has a blower. Your hair may suffer heavier as it can take in regards to week or two to be in down to normal routine.

    You must also consider the style of brush you use to comb hair. Check with the stylist to what type of brush is most beneficial. Bristles for hair extensions must be wide-spaced and soft. i tip hair extensions when brushing start in the tips working towards you upwards in order that you won’t be losing site that are connected to your microlink hair extensions.

    Your stylist must be your best friend in terms of hair care. S/He ought to be there to help you when something fails along the way, prior to problem worsens. For example, replacing lost rings or undoing a badly-tangled hair.