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    The Perfect Undergarments For Strapless Wedding Gowns


    Strapless gowns remain the most popular style for brides, and to ensure that your gown looks absolutely perfect, it is key to find the perfect undergarments. Different types of wedding dresses will do best with different types of foundation garments. This is your guide to help you find the perfect undergarments for your strapless wedding gown.
    When it comes to choosing your wedding undergarments, function has to take priority. No doubt when you envision bridal lingerie, the first picture that comes to mind is something white, lacy, and romantic. However, in many cases, those types of undergarments are not the ones that are needed to create the best possible fit for the wedding gown. Remember that you can always choose special romantic lingerie to wear on the wedding night and the honeymoon; don’t worry if the foundation under your gown is more utilitarian than beautiful.
    Obviously a regular bra with straps cannot be worn under a strapless bridal gown. Some brides can get away with a standard strapless bra, as long as the back of the gown cuts straight across, with little or no dip in the back. Look for a strapless bra which has a silicone grip strip along the edges to help keep it from slipping down. Many an active dancer has found her strapless bra down around her waist at some point during the evening, so when in doubt, choose a bustier or long line bra instead of a basic strapless.
    Most brides will choose to wear a bustier or long line bra under a strapless wedding dress. Because they go to the waist, there is no chance that they will slip around or fall down. There are a variety of materials and cuts available, some of which work wonderfully, and some of which are just terrible. Be very careful when selecting a bustier for your gown, as you want it not only fit well, but also to be well concealed under your dress. If your gown has heavy embellishment or a lot of lace on the bodice, you may be able to get away with a lacy bustier, but in many cases, the lace will show through as bumps under the gown.
    Speaking of bumps, take care that the boning of your undergarments does not show through when you are in your wedding dress. Some of the more costly bustiers do a good job of concealing the boning under a smooth layer of fabric for a seamless look. These bras are usually not at all pretty, but they tend to be the most practical. Color is another consideration; match the bustier to the color of your skin, not the color of your bridal gown.
    Choosing the right undergarments for the lower half of a strapless gown is usually easier. Many will have built in petticoats, which means that you can get away with underwear that is as fancy as you like. If you plan to wear stockings, choose alluring garters with stockings over unattractive pantyhose. You can really have fun decorating the garters and your undies with details like pearls or crystals to match your bridal jewelry. This will make for a very special look on the wedding night when you wear little more than your lingerie and bridal jewelry. And remember that if you have to choose something practical to disappear under your gown (no v.p.l., please!), you can always pick up something more romantic to wear in the honeymoon suite!