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    Authentic Vs Designer: Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoes For Your Vintage Wedding


    As with the rest of the fashion world, vintage is becoming an increasingly popular concept in bridal wear. Brides-to-be looking to invoke the timeless grace and elegance of eras such as the 20s are regularly seeking out dresses, and indeed basing their entire weddings, on fashions gone-by. Of course, planning for a vintage wedding takes quite a bit more effort than simply going to the local bridal shop to try on a couple of dresses; not only do you have to find a specialist retailer who deals specifically in vintage bridal wear, but other considerations such as the time period you want to take inspiration from have to be taken into account. The world of vintage weddings can be a daunting one, and it’s easy to forget certain important elements of the wedding amongst the flurry of dresses, decorations and venues being thrown your way; shoes for example.
    Authentic or Designer Vintage?
    Wedding shoes are the proverbial icing on a bride’s delicately designed cake. A bad pair of shoes can completely offset an otherwise beautiful dress and can turn the blushing bride in white into a bride who happens to be blushing for an entirely different reason. Add in the vintage aspect of wedding shoe-shopping, and the task of hunting out the perfect wedding shoes suddenly becomes a whole lot more scary. So, how do you start on the big hunt for the perfect wedding shoes?
    Whilst a great deal of brides seeking out the perfect vintage ensemble would love to get their hands on authentic pieces from the era to parade on their big day, the sad reality is that this is a route that is both expensive and extremely difficult to hunt down. Good quality authentic vintage is extremely costly due to the sheer amount of demand and the rarity of items over time; bad quality vintage is available in droves, but the risk of walking down the aisle with a coffee stain and a tear in the back of your dress is significant. Fortunately, there is a wealth of designers creating beautiful vintage-inspired creations that not only recall the golden ages of fashion, but also won’t leave a pricey shoe-shaped hole in your bank balance
    Where to look for the perfect vintage wedding shoes
    By opting for vintage-inspired creations rather than the real deal, brides-to-be leave themselves with a greater deal of options with regards to design and style, whilst also allowing them to invoke their favourite era of fashion. A quick browse through the collections of a specialist designer such as Rachel Simpson illustrates this point perfectly; her collection recalls the golden age of fashion perfectly whilst also offering a wide range of shoe designs and most importantly, a high quality comfortable shoe. Furthermore, the prices for these sort of collections are very reasonable – far more so than your average collector demanding huge fees for worn goods.
    Vintage weddings, when pulled off right, are undoubtedly beautiful spectacles. The dresses, the decorations and the shoes combine to create a beautiful bride on a glamorous, classy occasion. It’s the ideal choice for a bride looking for a unique wedding, and as shown in this article, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth either.