Is Wedding Insurance a Good Idea?


The British royal wedding and Chelsea Clinton’s wedding went off without a single problem, didn’t they? In fact, every celebrity or royal wedding seems to go off that way. And those are huge affairs. If they can pull it off, how hard can it be for you to pull yours off? Is that an argument that seems to make a lot of sense to you? Well, they probably have more people on the job of putting that wedding together than there are guests. That’s not really how your wedding’s going to work. These things somehow have a knack of going awry just at the wrong moment. There could be a massive power outage 4 min. before your ceremony is to begin; your caterer could fall ill or have his home robbed. Or your photographer could just decide to take a better-paying assignment on that very day and offer to give you your money back. What do you do when things go badly wrong on your special day? Of course, nothing can really make up for the loss. But one can try – in the form of insurance money. In the age of the expensive wedding, wedding insurance happens to be a hot ticket item.
Wedding insurance is protection you buy against the unforeseen. Whatever nonrefundable deposits you make in the course of preparing for a wedding, you can count on being made whole for those if you have insurance. No matter why your wedding is postponed or canceled – injury, natural disaster, illness or whenever, having wedding insurance can protect your investment. There is wedding insurance for nonperformance by the professionals you hire to carry your wedding out, and there is coverage if you should decide to pull out for some real reason (but only if the person who’s doing the pulling out isn’t the person paying for the ceremony). This is what you need to know about wedding insurance.
Before you sign on the dotted line to buy such a policy, make sure that you ask your insurance agent to look through your other insurance policies – for your home, for your rented home, for your car or anything else – to see if they give you free wedding insurance just like that. If they do, you will not need to buy new insurance. If you aren’t that lucky, you may have to actually spend money on custom wedding insurance. Shopping around is always a good idea. Sometimes, you’ll go and buy wedding insurance and then find out when you need to make a claim that the insurer wasn’t authorized to do business in your state after all. Once you make sure of how you’re completely covered, wedding insurance can be a truly valuable way to keep your sanity on your wedding day.

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