5 Wedding Superstitions From Around The Globe

Superstitions can be a fun part of wedding planning. After all, who doesn't love the idea of sending invitations with a hidden meaning to our guests or knowing what to do or not to do?

Some superstitions can bring stress and anxiety; that's why many people look at them through their fingers or act as if they do not believe in them. And that's why we have compiled the most popular and maybe even useful wedding superstitions about the wedding day, gifts, and even the number of guests that you should know. So, read on and protect yourself from potential bad luck!

Don't see the groom before the wedding

Traditionally, the groom should not see his bride before the wedding ceremony. This is to ensure that the bride does not gain any "second thoughts" about the groom on their big day. However, this tradition has mostly died out as couples are now more independent, and their relationship is theirs to keep.

However, some brides might want to keep the tradition and ask their groom not to see them on the wedding day. If you want your groom to keep the tradition, let him know before the big day so he can prepare.

Don't shake hands after the ceremony

One of the oldest wedding traditions is that the groom and the bride don't shake hands with guests after the wedding ceremony. This is to prevent bad luck and is said to have started as a way of avoiding germs. Plus, the bride and groom may need clean hands after being in a busy and packed room.

Instead, the newlyweds are supposed to bow, and the guests should make curtsy or nod thanks. But some couples shake hands with guests, so make sure you know what is happening. If it is your wedding, you can, of course, shake hands with guests if you want to!

No 7 is a lucky number for weddings

The number 7 represents happiness and togetherness. Therefore, it is no surprise that many couples choose to tie the knot on the 7th of the month. However, some believe that the number 7 also has lucky characteristics for a wedding. For example, some believe that the number 7 represents the love between two people and that the date, 11/7, is the number for love and marriage.

Only some brides will want to get married. If you do, however, make sure your wedding is a classy affair. Red, pink, and mauve are all great colors for a wedding in November.

The bride shouldn't see her dress beforehand

When you visit a bridal shop, the owner will normally ask if you want to see your dress beforehand. But this is one rule that you should break. Traditionally, it is said that the bride should not see the dress beforehand as it will bring bad luck. However, there is another way of looking at this rule – and that is that it brings luck to the bride! Wearing a unique and beautiful gown that you love is exciting and will make any bride feel like a princess. Therefore, if you want to break this rule and see your dress beforehand, go ahead! You're going to look so unique in the dress, and this rule isn't stopping you.

You should have an even number of people at your wedding

This one is a trendy rule but also one that you should break. Many people believe you should have an even number of guests at your wedding. This is because odd numbers are considered bad luck, and even numbers are considered lucky. For example, the number 28 in numerology represents money and finance. Meaning if you have 28 guests, you and your partner will prosper. In contrast, the number 66 represents grief, anger, and bad luck.

Moreover, some people are so superstitious that they don't want any guests at their wedding, just their family. Whether you believe in superstitions or not, I personally believe in the power of numbers and their numerological meanings. And if I were to have a wedding, I would invite 11, 28, or 44 guests! 🙂

To Wrap This Up

Weddings are all about having fun and enjoying the day. And if you want to make your wedding even more special and enjoyable, then make sure you know about these five weirdest wedding traditions. They may seem silly or strange, but if you follow them, you can be sure you'll have a great and happy wedding day!

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