Tungsten Rings – Buy After Verifying The 3 C’s


These days, tungsten rings are getting popular among couples because a lot of couples select this metal for their wedding rings. If you are going through a site for seeing the pictures of these rings, they may look same there, but in reality they are not the same. You can get many such rings that differ in the terms of quality, cost and looks. Have you heard about the 3 C’s of diamonds, if yes then I am telling you that tungsten metal has also its 3 C’s.
These 3 C’s of tungsten carbide rings are comfort, content and craftsmanship, so at the time of purchasing a tungsten ring, you should check these 3 qualities. To understand these qualities completely, we are exploring them in depth.
Let us take the first feature, i.e. comfort- however it can be checked by many factors, but the most important factor is its thickness. Other than that, there are some ‘comfort fit’ rings that are also available in the market, which are not too thick. But you must look out for some tungsten wedding bands and rings that can hurt your fingers because they are sharp around the edges. You must make sure that they are rounded at the edges so that they can be slipped on easily. For example, if you are going to purchase a ring of size 6, then a thickness of 1.8mm is enough, but for a ring of size 12, 2.3mm thickness is sufficient.
Next feature that I am going to explain is the content of tungsten rings, and it represents the amount of other metals that are present in the ring. Low quality tungsten rings have cobalt in them, whereas high quality rings have nickel. You will be surprised to see that many ring retailers don’t even know much about the composition of the ring. In a tungsten carbide ring, the correct purity of tungsten is about 85%, and the rest is the combination of various other metals. It is recommended to research a bit about a ring before going to buy it if you are not sure about it.
The last feature of tungsten rings is their craftsmanship- all of the rings are crafted differently, and they may look similar to each other, but in actual they are different. Even if you are talking about a simple wedding band, it might be different in various things, like symmetry, size and thickness etc. Similarly, some rings have a classic tungsten finish and some rings come in darker shades, thus we can conclude that rings are different in terms of finishing as well.

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