Make a Change From the Typical Toaster: Give Something Personalised to the Bride To Be


Let’s be honest. It can sometimes be a tad tricky to find the perfect wedding gift for a bride. Naturally, you’ll want to find her something a bit more imaginative than the typical toaster or kettle, but also, you’ll want to find her something she’ll enjoy or use for numerous years, not least something she actually likes!
That means steering clear of things like cooking books, diet pills (and don’t even think about including an explanatory note with them saying you knew she just wanted to be in shape for her honeymoon – it won’t go down well!), or a T-Shirt emblazoned with “Nervous Bride Alert: Proceed With Caution.” Can you really call any of these wedding gifts for brides? Quite frankly, N-O.
In the same way, giving swim wear, lingerie or anything that can be worn, in a size smaller or larger than the bride wears, is considered tasteless, not to mention tacky.
With all this in mind, why not consider creating a gift for her from the comfort of your home? It’s that easy, folks. There are oodles of online retailers who specialise in personalised gifts at fantastic prices, for all occasions – weddings included! Simply grab your laptop or PC, get comfy on the sofa and let the bridal gifts-buying-mission begin. “Hang on a second!” we hear you cry. “That’s all very well, but what the hell do I get her?!” Okay, let’s take a look at some of the most popular personalised gifts for brides…
Wedding Champagne and Newspaper Gift Sets
Welcome her into the marital home with something useful and beautiful and also something that’s a wonderful keepsake of the big day. One of the top gifts for a bride to be is a gift set consisting of wedding champagne featuring both the bride and groom’s names on the bottle label along with an original newspaper from any date.
Personalised Wedding Calendars
Other personalised wedding gifts for the bride include customised calendars complete with 12 wedding-themed photos for each month featuring the couple’s names on each one.
Gourmet Food Hampers
Luxurious and downright delicious, a food hamper makes a super yummy wedding gift for brides everywhere. Filled with a selection of sweet and savoury sensations, from chocolate and fudge to olives and luxury tea (not forgetting a bottle of personalised alcohol such as wine, champagne or even whisky!), this is a gift to truly tantalise her taste buds.
Something Engraved
Perhaps one of the most elegant, unforgettable bride to be gifts is that of engraved jewellery. There’s everything from silver compact mirrors and necklaces to bracelets and bangles, all of which are gorgeously etched with her name or a special message. You could even opt for an engraved photo frame featuring her name plus the wedding date.
Personalised Pamper Hamper
After the stress of the wedding and all the planning and nerves that go with it, she’ll be in need of some TLC. One of the best bride gifts you could get her would be a hamper complete with an array of pamperlicious delights, including bath salts, soaps, candles and more, plus a bottle of sparkling ros?� with her name and a special message on the bottle label. It’s a sure-fire way of getting her to relax and unwind.

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