Know More About the Best Wedding Speeches Order


Deciding upon the best wedding speeches order can often turn out to be a very distressing task for the bride as well as the groom. Thus, it is best to just follow the conventional order of covering the various aspects in the wedding reception speeches. It is often found to be very tedious for the various guests to decide upon the order of amongst themselves. Thus, it is always a better idea for all the speakers to confer with the bride or groom rather than being unsure of who they are supposed to follow or who comes after them during the time of wedding speeches.
It is usually traditional for the father of the bride to firstly give his wedding reception speech. This is because the father of the bride is the one who pays for the whole wedding and is thus considered its host. In order to maintain the flow of the speeches, it is recommended to allow the father of the groom to give his speech after the father of the bride. The wedding speeches order should further continue with the father of the groom introducing as well as acknowledging his son or the groom to be for the subsequent speech. It is typical of the groom to poke fun at his best man towards the end of his own speech.
Thus, logically the best man should deliver his speech following the groom. The best man should be instructed to hand over the microphone to the maid of honor after closing his speech in order to maintain the proper wedding speeches order. After the maid of honor delivers her speech, she should be intimated about the other guests at the wedding who would like to give their own speech about the couple and their wedding. Once all the wedding speeches wrap up, it is ceremonial for the guests to proceed to the cutting of the wedding cake by the couple-to-be.
Though the wedding order might looks simple at the face value, it is not the case. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure that all of the speakers should be well informed of their ordering in terms of the speech timings, Moreover, it should be cross checked that they have their speeches in place and are aware of hat they have to say. It can also prove to be a good idea to let all the speakers know ho they will be following as well as who would be following them in the order of wedding speech in so as to avoid any possible last minute chaos.
It can also prove beneficial to check out the speeches of all the speakers in order to ensure that their wedding speeches do not offend anyone in any possible manner. This is pivotal as the wedding consists of the family and friends of the bride as well as the groom, and any unsavory jokes or anecdotes could upset them and spoil the mood at the wedding. Combining all of the above instructions can and rigidly following them can only help in attaining the perfect wedding speeches order!

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